One way to make a puppet head

makepup makepup makepup makepup

The puppets for the Rhinoceros play were sculpted in plasticine and covered with a layer of cotton cloth and marine epoxy. This shell is then sawed in half, pulled apart and the clay is removed. the shell is glued back together with epoxy, smoothed and painted.

makepup Making hands
One way to make hands is to carve them out of rigid foam. Click for info:

Hand Puppets
I'm no expert, but these came out pretty well.

lorca lorca lorca lorca lorca lorca lorca

A (frog) hand puppet with moving eyes, mouth, and tongue!
Click the pictures for details.

frog frog frog frog frog froggie froggie

The rhinoceros helmet/masks
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rhinettes rhinettes rhinettes rhinettes rhinettes

The Rhinettes. There were eight rhino helmet/masks used in front of the stage plus one smaller one made to fit over Jean's head for his transformation scene. They're made very simply of burlap and West System epoxy over a plasticine mold. These instructions are pretty specialized, rhino masks, but this technique is so great for making any kind of big rough masks.

A chicken foot base for a theater
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chickfoot chickfoot chickfoot chickfoot chickfoot chickfoot chickfoot chickfoot

I had the idea to make a small theater that would stand on a chicken leg. Click the pictures for a step by step.

The Man at the Controls

mac control control control control

Here are some shots of this project. Click pictures for details

How to make a puppet that is bigger than you have clay to make it with

ubu ubu ubu ubu ubu ubuhead06 button ubuhead07 button

Click on these pictures to see how to make a puppet head that's a bit larger then usual.


A puppet repair job.