Wild in the Woods '06!

The fourth Wild in the Woods potluck art party, Saturday September 23, 2006. Presented by Sara Ayers and G.C. Haymes and Firlefanz Gallery (Cathy Frank and Ed Atkeson) at Sara and Greg's house in Castleton, NY. Rain threatened, but held off. A very fine time was had by all. Thanks to everyone who came out. Photos mostly © Sara Ayers or © Marty Benjamin, also by Ed Atkeson, Gail Nadeau, and Jeanne Flanagan.

wildMusic by the Ramblin' Jug Stompers

wildEd Atkeson: Puppet show in the woods (Federico Garcia-Lorca's The Girl Who Watered the Basil and the Inquisitive Prince. With help from Pierre Joris, GG Roberts, Paul Jossman, G.C. Haymes, and Naomi Kriss. Music by Ryder Cooley)

wildSara Ayers: Sound Garden (installation)

Martin Benjamin: Anti-Bush graffiti, Lucca, Italy, 2005, Anti-U.S. grafitti, Florence, Italy, 2005 (photographs)

wildTimothy Cahill: Glamour (sculpture/assemblage)

wildMichael Eck: The Americans (cardboard, wood, acrylic)

wildDonna Fitzgerald: USA Terrorist graffiti, Italy, 2005, Anti-Bush grafitti, Italy, 2005 (photographs)

wildCathy Frank: That’s How the Light Gets in (digital photograph)

wildG.C. Haymes: The Horse Project (installation)

wildG.C. Haymes: Lapping at the Shore of the Quiet Land (vinyl, enamel)

wildPaul Jossman: Self Portrait, Fall, 2006 (Wood, adhesive, lag bolts)

wildBarry Junjulas: The Supervisor (Primo Sculpy with iron armature)

wildNaomi Kriss: Altar 17

wildPaul Mauren: Sarandipity (Saran in the woods)

wildMark McGuire: Kicking the Hand that Feeds You (mixed)

wildMonica Miller:

wildEugene Mirabelli: Various stories including Harry Barlow

wildGail Nadeau: ERE (mixed media photo collage)

wildAnnette Nanes: The Encapsulated Man (bottlecaps on cardboard)

wildSteve Nover: (photographs)

wildNicole Peyrafittte assisted by Lily Rose Eck: Wild Barks: Channeling Bucky (performance)

wildPottery Market, Urapan, Michoacan, Mexico (photographs)

wildLinda Ryder: Danto says... (photocopy on mylar)

wildGG Roberts: Whack the Bush Pinata

wildDianne Roux-Lirange: The Girl at the Gate (textile and tree trunk)

wildDana Rudolph: Let there be light (mixed media)

wildDoris Wiese: Photographic Bird Mobiles

wildLee Wiese: Eagle sculpture

wildDan Wilcox: Three Guys in the Woods (sound installation)

wildHarry Wirtz: Daisies (pigment print) 9.5 in x 43 in