Firlefanz Gallery Takeover

SS Crew Presents: Street Sweepers

Friday, August 26th through Saturday, September 3rd 2005

The Firlefanz Gallery. Albany, NY

Street Sweepers will be a show of art by street artists based on the concept of breathing life into the salvaged scraps of society. We, the Street Sweepers, ask you, the street artist, to take a walk and find a discarded object from your home town and paint on it. We are primarily asking stencil artists to be involved in the show, but we encourage all mediums of work. There are no guidelines as to artistic content, and no limit to the number of submissions. The Street Sweepers also request a small description of how and where the object was found or a short story to go along with the piece.

What we hope to amass will be a tremendous, beautiful pile of trash. A collection of refused objects reclaimed and revitalized. Garbage often travels great distances before reaching its final resting place, but we propose to take that further, and acquire rubbish from across the country and across the seas.

Street Sweepers will take place from August 26th through September 3rd 2005 at the Firlefanz Gallery in Albany, NY. The Firlefanz is by far the best gallery in town on the hippest block around. With the help of artists like you, we promise to create the largest, most elaborate street art exhibition that Upstate New York has ever seen.


All submissions must be received by August 15th 2005. We understand there are delays in customs, therefore we have a one-week grace period for delays in shipping, however we can NOT display any art received after August 22nd.

Post-consumer materials, found signs, crushed spray cans, trash compactor goodies...any found object will do, as long as it wasn't store-bought. We'd rather not throw out too many ideas, rather let your mind run wild, and keep your eyes on the ground. Bear in mind that all objects should be sent prepared for display. We will have limited shelving available upon request, but otherwise your work should be ready to hang.

Also, final pieces may not emit any odor other than that of spray paint or some other material used to make the art. Inclusion of any liquid, chemical, or perishable material is strictly prohibited; unless said material is protected in a hermetically sealed container. Otherwise, there are no content guidelines, and no limit to the number of submissions.

As part of the Street Sweepers project, we also plan to have a small installation wall of wheat pasted posters and stickers, for which we will also be accepting submissions of any kind.

ANY artists who sends work to Street Sweepers will receive a return package of promotional material for the show consisting of stickers, flyers, postcards & whatever else we can cram in a standard envelope. The purpose of this is to provide all participants with some concrete representation of their involvement in this ground-breaking show.

A commission of 20% will be retained. It is suggested that all art be priced to sell, and we ask that you include return postage if you would like your art returned after the show. Artists will receive payment for sold works within two weeks of the end of the show. Any art not claimed within two weeks from the end of the show will be installed in the area so it can be appreciated by all. All artists will be contacted directly proceeding the close of the show so that shipping/payment arrangements can be taken care of promptly.

Every reasonable precaution will be taken to assure protection of all works, but the Street Sweepers assume no responsibility for loss or damage from any cause. The Street Sweepers reserve the right to omit from display, any art, at any time, for any reason.

For more information on Street Sweepers and to claim your spot in the ranks, go to or contact
Richt -Bristol, United Kingdom
Creeper -Brooklyn, New York
Other -Montreal, Canada
Frost -Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Reka -Melbourne, Australia
Jesse Robot -Gent, Belgium
Patsy -Rochester, New York
45RPM -Bristol, United Kingdom
Amanda Maher -NYC, New York
Goons -Chicago, Illinois
Eight Bit -United Kingdom
the Fiend -London, United Kingdom
the Sife -NYC, New York
NOLart -Breda, Netherlands
Only 2$$ -Brooklyn, New York
Hammo -Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Killer Gerbil -Singapore
Mephisto Jones -Wellington, New Zealand
Twerps -NYC, New York
N4T4 -Nuneaton, United Kingdom
Goonism -England, United Kingdom
Probly -London, United Kingdom
Squid1 -Belgium
Prvrt -Albany, New York
Nekotwo -Paris, France
Goin -Somewhere, France
BrownSugaaa -Long Beach, California
Untitled Name -NYC, New York
FuckOne1 -Alosta, Belgium
Mr. Omus -Bournemouth, England
54 Crew -England
Turf -Montreal, Canada
Czarnobyl -Berlin, Germany
TTOCS -Denver, Colorado
Tell-Tale -Chicago, Illinois
SixTen -Nowhere, Sweden
ShowChicken -London, United Kingdom
Klutch -Portland, Oregon
Bez -Montreal, Canada
UnWell Bunny -Melbourne, Australia
Jae -Southampton, United Kingdom
Fame -Spain
Dave Warnke -San Francisco, California
Scout -Upstate, New York
Elph -Edinburgh, Scotland
Alfamale -London, United Kingdom
Josh? Everywhere, Pennsylvania
bor*d -New Brunswick, New Jersey
Logik One -Brooklyn, New York
Stain -Upstate, New York
Stomach -Chicago, Illinois
Leon Rainbow -Trenton, New Jersey
Mr. Breakfast -Leicester, England
Robts Will Kill -Staten Island, NewYork
COL (RWK) -NYC, New York
Bonnie Gloris -Manhattan, New York
Mr. Gee -Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Skoofer -San Marcos, Texas
C. Damage -Chicago, Illinois
Cute Crimes Crew -Montreal, Canada
PosterChild -South Korea
Morning Joe -Salt Lake City, Utah
Olive47 -Los Angeles, California


c/o P.C.

395 Coldwater Tavern Road

East Nassau, New York 12062


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